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JRLC e-Xpress gives you up-to-the-minute information on legislative action that social justice activists need to know. Keep current on JRLC activities and opportunities to learn and act. All from an interfaith perspective.

Help Save Medicaid!Sent on 02 July 2017
Movement at the CapitolSent on 10 May 2017
Call Governor DaytonSent on 05 May 2017
Contact HHS Conferees!Sent on 21 April 2017
More News from the CapitolSent on 30 March 2017
The Future of MFIP in 2017Sent on 27 March 2017
Thank you!! What did you think?Sent on 27 February 2017
DOH Preview Webinar on FridaySent on 15 February 2017
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