Issue Papers

   New !!     Payday Lending in Minnesota

Issue papers of the JRLC have each been approved by the Boards of Directors of the Minnesota Catholic Conference, the Minnesota Council of Churches, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas, and the Islamic Center of Minnesota.*

(PDF files are easily opened and read by the Adobe Reader application available at the Adobe Reader download website.)

American Indian Concerns (compilation)  (PDF)
Child Care Assistance   (PDF)
Corporate Responsibility   (PDF)
Criminal Justice  (PDF)
Death Penalty  (PDF)
Disability Issues (compilation)  (PDF)
Ecology (compilation)  (PDF)
Energy Assistance and Conservation  (PDF)
Felon Voting Rights  (PDF)
Good Government (compilation)  (PDF)
Gun Control (compilation)  (PDF)
Health Care and Justice in Minnesota (PDF)
Housing  (PDF)
Human Rights-Sexual Orientation  (PDF)
Human Trafficking in Minnesota: A Violation of Human Dignity (PDF)
Hunger  (PDF)
Impartial Judiciary  (PDF)
Juvenile Justice (compilation)  (PDF)
Metropolitan Development  (PDF)
Minimum Wage  (PDF)
Payday Lending in Minnesota (PDF)
Poverty, No Poor Among You  (PDF)
Public Assistance (compilation)   (PDF)
Rural Life  (PDF)
Taxation  (PDF)
Term Limits  (PDF)
Tobacco (PDF)
Women and Children (compilation)  (PDF)

* The Islamic Center of Minnesota became an official Sponsor of JRLC in 2004 and has approved all papers published after 2003.