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iCAN Key Advocates

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Minnesota is home to 1.3 million children between the ages of 0-18, but far too many of them aren't experiencing "Minnesota Nice."

  • An estimated 192,000 of our children live in poverty.
  • 75,000 lack health insurance coverage.
  • 79% of families have all resident parents in the workplace, yet many jobs do not pay a sufficient wage for families to cover all their basic needs.

These statistics defy what the prophets and sacred texts of the great faith traditions teach about justice, compassion, and caring for children.

If you care about children and take the teachings of your faith tradition seriously, you're ready to be a Key Advocate. iCAN Key Advocates build awareness of children's needs and lead Minnesota faith communities in doing social justice advocacy at the legislative level.

Key Advocates:

  • receive initial training in grassroots political advocacy;
  • receive regular updates about issues that impact Minnesota children through iCAN's newsletters and Wednesdays4Kids e-mail alerts, and other sources;
  • contact their elected officials through phone calls, e-mails, letters, and one-on-one visits, to tell them to support policies that improve children's lives and oppose policies that hurt children;
  • speak out for children suffering neglect, poverty, or abuse, through pulpit announcements during worship services, or through their congregation's worship bulletins or newsletters;
  • share iCAN information and resources and guide other members of their networks/faith communities in doing legislative advocacy;
  • share and keep the concerns of children before their faith community's leaders and decision-makers, through events like the Children's Sabbath and the Blue Ribbon Campaign/National Child Abuse Prevention Month;
  • model compassion for all children to their local and faith communities;
  • work to create a child- and family-supportive atmosphere in their local and faith communities;
  • pray for children everywhere.
When you sign up to be a Key Advocate, you will receive iCAN's Key Advocate's Resource Manual. Questions about the Key Advocate's program? Contact iCAN at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.