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April 6, 2015 iCAN Action Alert!

Affordable, accessible child care allows parents to work and children to thrive. Child care is a big part of family budgets, and is essential to building a stable workforce and growing economy. But thousands of income-eligible Minnesota families have to wait months, even years, for child care assistance because current funding is inadequate. The clock is ticking as families are place on waiting lists.

Call or email your legislators today—let them know that kids can’t wait any longer.

Ask your state senator and state representative to support Senate File 1199 (Hayden)/ House File 1057 (Franson), which provides the funds needed to make child care affordable for the over 5,500 families on the waiting list for Basic Sliding Fee Child Care Assistance and increases reimbursement rates so childcare providers can afford to accept families receiving assistance.

Legislators are deciding their budget priorities this week. This is the time to voice your support for affordable child care and help working families make their way out of poverty and gain financial security.

Thank you for being part of iCAN and let us know if you get a response from your legislators!

iCAN is delighted to announce its partnership with Blank Slate Theatre on an original play about human trafficking in Minnesota. iCAN Advisory Council member Adam Arnold is the founder and director of blank slate theatre, which works with youth ages 12 to 20 to write and perform plays about timely issues. In recent years, young actors from blank slate theatre have appeared in the Capitol Rotunda at Day on the Hill. The purpose of blank slate theatre is “to serve, teach, and inspire through theatre,” a mission fruitfully compatible with iCAN’s task of informing and igniting public action for the common good.

According to Minnesota law enforcement, sex trafficking of girls happens in every city and every county in the state. The 2013 legislative session saw $2.8 million invested in the Safe Harbor initiative to aid victims of human trafficking, but this amount falls far short of what is needed to fully implement the recommendations of the Minnesota Human Trafficking Task Force. iCAN and blank slate theatre’s jointly produced play will raise public awareness about trafficking in Minnesota and galvanize people across the state to call on policymakers to adequately fund badly needed victim services.

This new play on human trafficking will open in the Twin Cities this fall and tour Greater Minnesota. iCAN needs your support for this exciting initiative! Your contribution to iCAN’s summer fundraiser will enable us to bring performances of this timely production to audiences all over Minnesota—and perhaps to a city near you!

Please consider donating generously to support this innovative project.

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