iCAN is the Interfaith Children's Advocacy Network of the Joint Religious Legislative Coalition.  iCAN organizes people of faith in Minnesota to advance socially just legislation in the areas of children's healthcare, child care and early education, and a healthy home environment. 

iCAN's mission is to be a passionate, faith-based voice for children, particularly those experiencing poverty and violence. 


  • partners with other research and advocacy groups to influence Minnesota legislators to create policies that benefit young children and reduce the damaging impact of child poverty   
  • supports legislation that gives poor families access to quality childcare, health care, and early education programs that prepare children for future academic success
  • organizes and trains children's advocates from Minnesota's faith communities to do legislative advocacy, and provides them with  supportive resources and information through our website, newsletters, Wednesdays4Kids e-alerts, and other materials
  • trains children's advocates to raise awareness of the needs of Minnesota's children within their congregations through events like issue forums, the National Observance of Children's Sabbath  and the Blue Ribbon Campaign to Prevent Child Abuse,  and to motivate them to take action 

Our advocates know: 

  • iCAN...practice what I've learned about justice in my mosque, church, synagogue, or temple.
  • iCAN...influence my legislators to create policies that benefit children and families.  
  • iCAN...raise my congregation's awareness of children's needs.
  • To learn more about iCAN and its resources, explore the website or click on the appropriate links. 

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