Day on the Hill Materials

2015 Materials

Save the Date Postcard 

2014 Materials:

The Day's Schedule (PDF)

Payday Lending Reform Briefing (PDF)

Impartial Judiciary Briefing (PDF)

Childcare Briefing (PDF)

Housing and Minimum Wage Briefing (PDF)

2014 Day on the Hill Brochure (PDF)
2014 Save the Date Postcards (PDF)


2013 Materials:

2013 DOH Schedule for the Day (PDF)
2013 DOH Housing Briefing (PDF)
2013 DOH Family Economic Security Act Briefing (PDF)
2013 DOH Impartial Judiciary (PDF)
2013 DOH Human Trafficking (PDF)
2013 DOH Budget Priorities and Taxes (PDF)
2013 DOH Other Issues (PDF)
2013 DOH Keynote Speaker Press Release (PDF)
2013 DOH Dr. Syeed Portrait