Forums and Workshops

Invite Us to Provide a Forum or Workshop!
We would love to help you learn more! JRLC staff and board members lead numerous forums, workshops, and trainings each year. Below are some descriptions, but please know that we will always work with you to tailor content, especially if you are conducting a thematic or issue-oriented series of events.

Interfaith Foundations of Justice
Featuring JRLC staff, board members, and/or advocates representing our four sponsor organizations, this forum is designed to provide an overview of the Jewish, Catholic, Islamic, and Protestant teachings on justice as well as highlight the importance/benefit of interfaith coalitions.

Faithful Citizenship
Grounded in interfaith principles and God's call to build a just society, this training explores the role of citizens in creating more just policy and how religious communities can be good stewards of our democracy. It also includes a brief overview for congregations on effective advocacy and lobbying.

Legislative Advocacy 101
Once you care about an issue, how do you start to make a difference? This session introduces participants to various methods of legislative advocacy, highlighting guidelines and effectiveness of each. It also includes hands on exercises and next steps to put into practice to begin to work towards systemic change.

Issue Specific Forums
Get beyond the basics and go more in depth on a specific JRLC issue. Health care, housing, child care, human trafficking, payday lending, impartial judiciary, taxes, gambling, poverty...these are all topics which we can help illuminate from an interfaith perspective and give practical tips on how to make change for the common good.

Faithful Advocacy for Children
Presented through iCAN, this workshop is designed to clarify why we must care for the children in our local and global communities. This session also defines advocacy, why it is important to get involved at the systemic level, and offers ideas on how to start making a difference on behalf of kids.

Organizing Your Friends, Community and Congregation
This training provides individuals who are already advocates with the tools to get others involved. The forum  includes discussion of our faith-based mandate to care for "the least of these," as well as ways to educate, energize, and mobilize others to be advocates.

Legislative Update (with or without an emphasis on a specific issue)
This forum is designed to provide a solid understanding of what current legislative issues are and how they affect our communities. If the forum is scheduled during the legislative session, we will give up-to-the-minute information and suggestions for ways to respond.

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